In action!

The first missions to collect waste from the northern beaches of the island have already begun, with the participation of volunteers!

On the 7th of July 2020, a group of volunteers along with a fishing vessel of the Professional Fishing Association Amorgos visited a 25 meter bay in Perivola region and collected more than 40 bags of litter. Among the litter, there were hundreds of plastic bottles and bags, fishing equipment, shoes, etc. In addition to the garbage bags, big items like a fridge, ropes of cargo ships and tyres were also collected and transported to the port of Katapola. From there they were picked up by the Amorgos Municipality.

Below you can see pictures of our first expedition.

A second expedition took place in Makri area, on the 2nd of September 2020, as soon as the northern summer winds calmed down. In a 25-meter coast, volunteers together with a fishing vessel from the Professional Fishing Association of Amorgos collected 30 large bags of waste. The majority consisted of trawl nets, bottles and other plastic items. Once again, the Amorgos Municipality picked up the bags from the port of Katapola.

The pictures speak for themselves.

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