Professional Fishing Association Amorgos

The Professional Fishing Association Amorgos is the organization behind the project "Amorgorama—becoming part of the swarm".

The association consists of the fishermen of Amorgos and has the goal to organize the fishing in sustainable way for the maritime life and the people working in the fishing industries as well.

Their current work is on defining a standard for the size of the nets to allow smaller fish to avoid to be catched and on how to handle the lifecycle of their nets, as the plastic used to create thoose tools is very hard to recycle.

An other very present topic is the government's movement towards the greek fishing tradition and culture by paying fishermen do destroy their Kaìki, the traditional greek fishing boat. Although the main part of the fishing industrie concerning mass of catched fish and financial revenue happens through large enterprises running tralers with a three miles distance to the islands, the government supports the destruction of the traditional greek fishing boat in the name of overfishing in the Mediterrean Sea.

The Professional Fishing Association Amorgos tries to react to the current situations of overfishing and pollution of the seas in a more reflected and destinct way, using their knowledge of the sea and the topography and their Kaìki to handle with the changing environment. In this way they try to find an more progressive and solution-orientated approach in reacting to an continously changing environment—an environment that defines the life on the islands.