Who we are

The Professional Fishing Association Amorgos is the organization behind the project “Amorgorama—becoming part of the swarm“.

The association consists of about 40 fishermen and has the goal to organize the fishing in sustainable way for the maritime life, as well as for the people working in the fishing industries.

A serious concern of the fishermen is the movement against the Greek fishing tradition and culture by paying them to destroy their Kaìki, their traditional Greek fishing boat, in the name of overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is important to point out that coastal fishing boats form the 96,5% of the Greek fishing fleet but bring only the 40% of the total fish catch in Greece. On the contrary, big trawlers constitute the 3,5% of the fishing industry but catch the 60% of the total fish in the country (Hellenic Statistical Authority, 2019).

Therefore, one of the goals of the Professional Fishing Association Amorgos is to protect the cultural heritage of the coastal fishing and at the same time try to react to the current situation of overfishing and pollution of the sea in a more reflected and distinct way, using our knowledge of the sea and the topography, as well as our Kaìki to handle the continuously changing environment that defines the life on the islands.

In addition, a discussion has started among the fishermen about the definition of a minimum size of nets so that smaller fish don’t get caught.

Photograph by Giorgos Nounesis, 2020