Amorgorama goes online

Our first step into the public

The project AMORGORAMA has its roots in first proposals by the Professional Fishing Association of Amorgos to the Minestry of Rural Development, that go back a few years already. In the summer 2018 the Association approached the artist Florian K. Martin (artist name, full name is Florian K. M. Reiche) while he had the exhibition What We Leave Behind as part of the project Hortus Plasticus at the Amorgos Botanical Park, Katapola, Amorgos.

In a lot of meetings and later calls and emails the president of the Professional Fishing Association of Amorgos and Florian Reiche developed the details of the project by defining all the details that are neccessary to have at the end fishermen freeing the island’s coasts from plastic and other floatsam. Florian Reiche could develop this homepage and a basic visual communication concept.

With going online, a lot of so far invisible work becomes visible, but there is still a lot to do. We are working on implementing an online donation system on this homepage to make donating and the documentation of the donations easier. We are getting more and more people involved that help us with the translations, not only of this post, but the whole project in general. We know that the island has a lot of friends around the globe and we want to make this project available for as much people as possible.

We are open for suggestions and feedback. In the future maybe through a comment section below the posts, for now just via email:

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting. We hope you become part of the swarm!

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